Remote Development Teams.

A partnership with Double Yolk opens up a huge pool of software talent to your business, giving you an edge on software resourcing. We’ve worked with over 40 companies in NZ & Australia to help scale their technical teams. Whether it's a team of two-to-three or twenty-to-thirty, Double Yolk can support you to achieve your software product goals.

Your Team. Your culture. Our remote office.

Our resourcing is designed to fully integrate your local and remote teams. We encourage Yolkers to get immersed into your team culture & find this works best to ensure long term success.


Your remote strategy is your talent strategy.

We aim to make your offshore team your greatest company asset. Gujarat is India’s fastest growing IT state and the wealth of talent is simply mind-boggling; with over 100,000 IT graduates joining the market annually it is a great time to expand your global workspace. We deal with all hiring and administration so you can focus on your product. We've been perfecting the remote resource model so contact us to chat all things communication, project managment and security.

Jack Coleman – founder Double Yolk

How it works


We hire the best talent in the business

We have rigorous testing and hiring processes to recruit the best talent in India onto our Approved Talent List (ATL). Only 2% of candidates submitted will make it to our ATL.


Select your talent

Understanding your business vision, company culture and tech requirements. We will find candidates from our Double Yolk team for your consideration.


Set up for success

Your chosen candidate(s) is set up in one of our technology hubs across India, ready to work remote with your team. Industry standard hardware & software is provided, along with any additional requirements you have.

Spacious workplace
Dual monitors
Modern offices across India

Induct & Integrate

Time to make the most of your new resource by inducting them as a member of your team this will include: training, email and communication tools and scheduling your regular check-ins.

5. Let’s Code!

Once the engagement kicks off we’ll be on standby to help facilitate the daily check-ins and ensure everything is running smoothly. With this taken care of you have the flexibility to scale talent as needed.

The Details.

What’s involved in the technical testing?

We have created a bespoke testing process to accurately assess technical ability, communication skill & working attitude. In a market as large as India this has become crucial to ensure we are hiring the top 2% of developers.

To make it to our Approved Talent List (ATL) candidates must pass all 3 areas of assessment.

Verification & References

We have built a network of recruitment partners that carry out local verification and provide referees on candidates previous feedback/employment. Having feet on the ground has been monumental in improving our hiring quality & gives a competitive advantage to other companies hiring from abroad.

Our considerations:

Background & Criminal Checks

Right to Work

Customer & Employer Feedback

Technical & Logic Testing

We believe problem solving and technical ability are equally important in identifying top developers. For this reason we have invested in customizing testing software to vet potential candidates.

What we cover:

Technical Questions

Live Coding & Debugging

Logic & Deductive Reasoning


Working remote & across time-zones communication and aptness to get involved and learn are crucial skills for any potential hire.

The best way to assess a candidates skill level is face-to-face - albeit virtually.

Added bonus:

Along with role shortlists you'll receive a video link for each candidate including an introduction & a few technical question answers.

Have an understanding of developers communication ability and personality before jumping on any live interviews.

Contact us to see how you can access our pool of talent

Double Yolk’s Security Protocol.



Double Yolk Server Proxy & Firewall

Internet can only be accessed via our Proxy Server. Our Proxy Server is supported by our Proxy Firewall.


Wireless LAN

The Proxy server can only be accessed through our Wireless LAN.
All actions are logged and monitored on this network.


Double Yolk Hardware

Only recognised Double Yolk hardware can access our Wireless LAN.
All Double Yolk hardware have no memory storage capabilities.

Remote working can come with security concerns which is why we have strict Double Yolk Security protocol.

Join the family.

Remote teams provide a fluid way to resource your business by harnessing our offshore talent. Double Yolk’s senior developers will integrate as full-time members of your team – giving you the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. Some of our customers are below.

Case Studies.

We love helping businesses achieve their goals. Here are a few of the companies we have helped to build a thriving remote team.


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