Operating in a fast-moving industry where security and data privacy are paramount, Link Market Services unlocked the value of working with remote teams during a growth spurt.

Link Market Services

Link Market Services (Link) is the world’s leading share registry and market services provider. A technology-first company that focuses on providing industry-leading systems to their customers, Link provides a suite of services that assist organisations with capital market interactions and public ownership obligations.

Industry: Share registry & financial services
Company size: 7000+ employees
Location: Worldwide


Link Market Services needed assistance with the roll out of new software initiatives across three international locations. They needed to move fast and have a reliable team they could count on.


Double Yolk built three separate remote teams in our India-based office to support Link’s requirements. We partnered with Link Australia, Link New Zealand and Link Europe to develop various software.

The need for speed, security & scalability

With the need to develop and refine multiple products spanning three continents (and two hemispheres), Link Market Services were looking for a streamlined approach that would get their new products ready for the market.

They needed three dedicated teams who would help the company to ensure they could release multiple new software initiatives within their time frame.

It was important that the teams were highly-skilled, responsive and easy-to-communicate with. Since we were working in three different time zones, Link Australia, Link New Zealand and Link Europe had to sync up with Double Yolk’s offices in India, for international feasibility throughout the project.

What was most important of all was the guarantee of privacy and security. Since Link is involved in the stock market, strict adherence to security protocols and data privacy was required. They needed a remote development team that has perfected the art of security, and we worked together to make sure every last detail was taken care of.

“Double Yolk have been a vital partner for us over the last 12 months, helping us to effectively deliver value to our customers ”

Kylie, Link Market Services

Building out international teams to support business growth

Over the past year or two, Link’s specially-selected remote team has helped them with several ongoing software initiatives. We have helped to develop and refine products for all three locations, with some stand-out product releases across the board.

Link New Zealand

Our partnership began with Link New Zealand in April 2020 where we supported the ongoing development of the Annual Taxation Tool and Fund Managers Portal.

Link Europe

We built a team for the Link UK branch in October 2020. The team worked on LinkVote, a Native mobile application and PHP administrative portal.

Link Australia

We began working with Link Australia from November 2020, with an ongoing partnership. The remote Link Australia team helped to develop the Link Virtual Meeting Platform, a browser-based virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) tool for shareholders to attend AGMs for top blue-chip companies, where they could vote on resolutions.

The Yolkers for the job

14 Yolkers worked across three remote teams in our India office, to support each major Link technology team. The client got the talent they needed to stay one step ahead, resourcing their business with the following skill sets:

  • Flutter developers
  • PHP developers
  • Business analysts
  • Scrum masters
  • UX/UI design
  • QA testers

A Snapshot of the

“Double Yolk are great to work with, a natural extension of our team.”

Chris, Link Market Services